Friday, October 12, 2012

Animating the Folktale

Cartoon-blogging, essay 11 of 21 blog entries on
250 great animated short films

The Ash-Lad and the Good Helpers (1961), directed by Ivo Caprino.

The eleventh essay, “Animating the Folktale: The Puppet Animation of Ivo Caprino,” is published in full at Press Play at IndieWire.  Written by guest blogger Waldemar Hepstein, this essay focuses on the storytelling of Ivo Caprino, particularly the two Caprino shorts that made our list:  The Ash-Lad and the Good Helpers (1961) and The Seventh Father of the House (1966).

The classical fairy tales and fables have served as fodder for many film animators, from the pioneer days of Lotte Reiniger and Walt Disney onward. One filmmaker almost exclusively associated with this type of material is Ivo Caprino (1920-2001), Norway’s most famous practitioner of the art of animation.
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This series of 21 essays is inspired by a list of 250 great animated short films, composed in August 2012 by Scott Bussey, Jorge Didaco, Waldemar Hepstein, Bill Kamberger, Robert Reynolds, Sulo Vatanen, and Lee Price, with additional assistance from participants on the IMDb Classic Film message board.

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