Friday, April 20, 2012

Inexhaustible Moments of 1955, Part 4

1955 blogging, part 4 of 5
Down the river of time in 1955

In these long breaks between the signature 21 Essays series, I thought I might try a new feature focused on possibilities for future series.  I’ll spin the roulette wheel to pick a year (or set of years) and then brainstorm on some potential essay topics.

So... first up on the random year generator:  1955.  And here’s my fourth 1955 series possibility:  21 essays on Cesta du praveku.

Okay… actually I’ve never seen the film Cesta du praveku.  Not all of it, at least.  But it’s got scenes in it that are permanently embedded in my dreams.  When I was a young boy, I saw Journey to the Beginning of Time at a matinee.  In the movie, four boys in a rowboat take a trip backward in time, observing mammoths and dinosaurs on the shores as they pass.  Journey to the Beginning of Time is a 1966 American re-edit (with some new material) of Cesta du praveku, a 1955 movie by Czech animation virtuoso Karel Zeman.  At some point, I know I’ll need to pay homage to something by Zeman and I’d be very happy if it could be this movie.  Zeman deserves much more attention—21 essays at the very least.

With tomorrow’s entry, I’ll post the last of my 1955 ideas (with no promises that I’ll necessarily be getting to any of them…) and then I’ll finish with a bonus entry of additional classic 1955 movies.  But I remain open to other suggestions.  Any ideas for 1955 movies, books, short stories, poems, songs, or other cultural artifacts that might inspire a good 21 Essays series?

Next blog series:  6 essays on Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail (1929)
as part of the  “For the Love of Film”
Film Preservation Blogathon
May 13-18, 2012

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